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An Extraordinary Machine

As the first automotive manufacturer to offer Fuel Cell Electric vehicles to Canadians, Hyundai has made it possible to travel over 400km on one tank with zero-emissions and without needing hours to recharge. Our New Thinking has pushed the boundaries of convention to redefine what an automobile can achieve, a world of New Possibilities towards a better future.

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Groundwork for the future

At Hyundai, we wanted to create something big with the release of the Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle. We’re the first to bring this incredible technology to Canadian consumers and the first in the world to mass-produce a fuel cell vehicle…but that’s not enough. We want to create a new way of thinking, to mix technology and innovation in a way that creates an exceptional vehicle that is better for the environment than a gas vehicle without compromise. We want to create a movement and we want you to be part of it.

The Science of Silence

The leading edge of an owl's feathers breaks up wind turbulence into smaller, micro-turbulences, allowing it to fly mere inches from its prey without being detected. The same technology has spawned the development of near-silent computer fans, airplanes and rotors.

Quiet Evolution

The quiet confidence you discover with the Tucson Fuel Cell is only natural. After all, this unique, emissions-free powertrain can be found in one of Canada’s most popular vehicles, the Tucson. This CUV Fuel Cell Vehicle has seating for five, a fully useable cargo area, fills up with hydrogen in minutes, an estimated driving range of over 425km, and emits only water as exhaust. The Tucson Fuel Cell Vehicle has a respect for the environment in which it travels.

How a Fuel Cell Works

The Tucson Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) is an electric vehicle that produces its own power through an electrochemical process combining Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms in a fuel cell stack. The only exhaust emission is pure water vapour.

Recharge Yourself

Movement is the key. The Tucson’s high-torque electric motor delivers brisk acceleration and charges the battery through regenerative braking. That’s right, it converts kinetic energy into electricity and stores it for later. Waste not, want not.

Follow That Sockeye

How do Salmon manage to swim upstream for impossible distances? The secret is in their skin. The scales on their skin generate little vortices that envelop their bodies in a bubble of air instead of water. This reduced drag allows the salmon to swim incredible distances, while reserving energy. An incredible discovery and similar to how the Tucson Fuel Cell was engineered, meaning the Tucson not only looks good, it slips through the air thanks to advanced aerodynamics.

Extensive Testing

The durability and safety test results the Tucson Fuel Cell achieved exceeded even our greatest expectations. Can you imagine driving an estimated 426 km emissions-free on a single tank that takes less than 5 minutes to fill? Actual on-road tests conducted on over 3.2 million kilometres of rough roads throughout the world proved the viability of the Tucson’s hydrogen power. The Tucson Fuel Cell is ready for Canadian roads.

Water. Air. Water. Air. Drive.

How does a Hydrogen fuel cell work? Great question. An electrochemical process combines oxygen and hydrogen in the fuel cell stack (a powertrain with no moving parts) to generate electricity and water. The electricity supplies power to an electric motor that turns the wheels and the battery stores the power for when it’s needed. And pure water vapour cycles out, making you a Canadian environmental hero.

Glow On

Studying the bioluminescent abdomens of fireflies, researchers discovered an unexpected pattern of jagged scales that enhanced their glow. Applying the same techniques lead to the creation of LED light overlays that mimicked this natural structure, leading to increased LED brightness , while using less energy. All this, from a night by the campfire.

Join Our Movement

Zero cost for fuel. Zero cost for maintenance. Zero worrying. There’s even more benefits to being among the first to lease the Tucson Fuel Cell. When it comes time for service, Hyundai comes to you, picks-up the Tucson Fuel Cell, leaves you a hybrid vehicle, and returns the Tucson Fuel Cell when service is complete. There’s also complimentary hydrogen fuel for the life of the lease. And those firefly inspired LED headlights that other manufacturers charge for? Yes, they’re included. Finish Journey

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